In the works…

I’m in the home stretch of recording the true crime story of The Carnation Murders; a horrific family tragedy t51z6wUFQrEL._SY346_hat left six people dead on Christmas Eve of 2007 in Carnation, Washington. Written by acclaimed true crime author, Paul Sanders, it’s a painful story of the destruction of an entire family at the hands of the daughter, Michele Anderson and her boyfriend, Joseph McEnroe. Written from a juror’s perspective, it’s complex and disturbing, but worth a listen.


  1. Par-Tay!!!

    Like the new site and your demo.

    Who are you recording the book for? Is it a Chinese company or are you doing work for American companies now?

    Hope all is wicked awesome.



    1. hey big Doug. yeah, it seems to be working out for me at the moment. all is well. how are you my friend? still doing the brooklyn shuffle? i’m back in southern china. finally got out of english and just recording full time. it’s nuts. i have too much work i can’t take a day off. but it feels good. not sure when i’ll be back in new york, but let’s grab a beer! JT

  2. Hey there…what a great move for you! And still in China? I finally moved off campus into my own place 10 minutes by ebike to UTown. In States now for summer but back to China next week. Love to hear from you. LCW

    1. Hey Linda. yeah, still here. the voice stuff is building steadily, so i need to be on this time zone. but we have a nice place in huizhou and life is sweet these days. at the moment we are traveling in dali and lijiang, just to check it out and see if we might live here next year. other than that, mostly working. hope life is good in Chanzhou! i can’t believe you are still there. i got a message from Danny the other day. look forward to your news. JT

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